11 Oct 2017 - Thoughts on Offensive Security Research
Why research and demonstrate attacks? Professor Simha Sethumadhavan and I pen down some thoughts on the importance of attack research through examples. We will also lay out a framework for thinking about attack research.

18 Sep 2015 - Solving for Hashes in Flare-On #5
Previous post uses concolic testing to explore and discover the path that leads to the correct answer. This post demonstrates the discovery of the correct password by solving symbolic constraints on hashes.

17 Sep 2015 - Smashing Flare-On #2 with Concolic Testing
The idea of applying concolic execution to solving CTFs and crackmes is not new. In this walkthrough, I describe the use of angr to efficiently perform path exploration with concolic execution to solve #2 without manual reverse engineering.

15 Sep 2015 - Flare-on CTF Thoughts
Jotted down some thoughts on a recently completed FireEye Flare-On Challenge 2015. Links to my walkthroughs for some selected favorite challenges from Flare-On.